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Being able to create is one of the greatest gifts to mankind and I want to live this to the fullest.

Since 2000 I have been active on the internet as an artist under the nickname "Cleo-San" and I probably will do so 20 years from now.

Starting out with tracing Pokémon and Digimon posters as a 14-year-old girl I have come a long way. I mainly create original illustrations and Mangas. My own Manga, Remember, has accompanied me since 2004 and survived many remakes and finetuning. I am currently drawing volume 2 of the story.

Thank you for visiting my website! Please have a look around and enjoy what you see! If you are interested in commissioning me, please check out the "Commissions" area.

See you!


View my Portfolio and enjoy having a look around.

Comics and Mangas

Read my mangas and comics online.

Enjoy reading!


the artist

Check out at which Conventions I'll be in future and say hi!

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